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Mobile Massage Therapist Theo From Sutton Massages An Epsom Doctor

Massage In Your Home Mobile Massage Therapist Theo Massages an Epsom Doctor as a birthday present from his wife who is also a Doctor

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Two weeks ago, with by “Massage In Your Home Hat On” I massaged a doctor in Epsom. This was a surprise birthday present from his wife who is also a doctor.

As the weather was amazing, we actual did the massage in the garden. It felt like we were on holiday.
I was then invited to join the doctor for a cuppa and chat in the garden.

I then shot to Sutton to do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Here is my lovely seafood salad I made myself after doing the Lymphatic Drainage Massage and had in my garden.

This enabled me to build up my energy for me to then go out and do some more Massages in Wimbledon.

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Ed. Magic – the doctors recommended me to their neighbours who I massaged last week.