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Sutton Mobile Massage Therapist Theo Will Go The Extra Mile For His Clients In Need

Like thousands of people all over the UK working from home has seen a toll on their bodies, both mentally and physically - a home visit Massage will help as you can see from this article

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People say, you can tell a good business when they go the extra mile to support and look after their clients in the community.

Home visiting Massage Therapist Theo, who has been massaging for over 26 years literally did this by travelling over 50 miles and 1 hour 20 minutes there and the same back.

One of his clients Maggy, who use to live in Tadworth has now move to Watford.

Like thousands of people all over the UK working from home has seen a toll on peoples’ bodies both mentally and physically.

Maggy didn’t want to go through a load of Massage Therapists again to find the one she preferred and felt comfortable with, so she stuck to her already tried and tested Therapist Theo.

This is what Maggy would like to say about Theo:

“Theo is so good I didn’t hesitate to get him travel over an hour to my new place. It was absolutely worth it. My horribly tight muscles found relief at last. Theo’s experience and intuition are spot on, I don’t even have to say much, he’ll locate the problem and fix it. On top of everything Theo is simply a very kind, nice person, I’m always very comfortable around him. I would recommend his service to everyone, but it’s worth to mention that Theo is a great choice if you need really intense, deep tissue massage that requires some physical strength and endurance”.

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