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Sutton Massage Therapist Theo Finishes Off 2023 This Afternoon With A Home Visit Massage in Wimbledon

Massage that comes to you in your home - so much more relaxing and convenient

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Massage in Your Home Therapist Theo has just finished his Home Visit Massage of 2023 this afternoon with a visit to one of his regular clients in Wimbledon.

Theo, who is also Chairman of The Sutton Complementary Health Network and has an array of different clients. He adapts the Massage to the needs and requirements of his clients.

From playing Tennis and recently taken up Golf Theo  has both Tennis and new Golf clients.

From being a County Sports Development Officer for the British Sports Association for the Disabled many many moons ago Theo has many Disability Homes that he visits weekly.

It’s always very interesting in Theo’s Massage World. In the morning it could be a Tennis Player, in the afternoon a Golf Player and early evening and evening a person with a disability or elderly person in their own home or Care Home.

Just recently Theo has been booked for Couples Massage. This can be from a young Couple on their own to a Couple with kids. 

The holiday period has brought up a very common problem of people having sore to severe neck aches going on to forming headaches.  This occurs when people have been non stop working not giving time for the body to recoup as it has been running on adrenalin. When you finally stop the body tries to adjust and balance. Before it does your body may incur a big reaction in the form of aches and pains or all blocked up.

The Massage helps the body to rejuvenate itself and sooth out those tight muscles. 

Mobile Massage Therapist Theo would like to wish you all a Safe, Happy and Heathier New Year