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Testimonial From An Epsom Doctor Having a Massage In Their Garden

You can't beat receiving a fantastic Massage Testimonial from a Doctor about Massaging a fellow Doctor

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One of the best Testimonial’s Sutton Massage In Your Home Therapist Theo receives from a Doctor in Epsom.

Both Epsom husband and wife are Doctors.

“I had arranged a surprise birthday gift for my husband – Massage by Theo and he loved it!

Theo was excellent and did the massage in our garden on a sunny day.

We didn’t know what kind of massage would be appropriate and left it in his expert hands, don’t regret it at all!

Never seen my husband so relaxed and will definitely be using his services again.

I’ve already recommended him to most of my friends as we were very happy with his services.

Ed. The Epsom Doctor has already recommended Theo to their friends around the corner from them in Epsom. Funnily enough it was the same as above, a wife treating her husband for a Birthday Massage.

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